Monday, June 15, 2009

48 hours we will be in CA, by alan

On Wednesday we will be in Oceanside CA looking at the starting line that we will cross on Saturday. I have many thoughts as we begin the race that started for me over 2 years ago when Steve Kendra and the first NF Endurance team did RAAM 2007. I knew then that i needed to find a way to get involved in the race. So after much discussion we formed Drew's Crew and will race RAAM 2009. We named the team after OUR HERO, Drew Budlong. He is a 10 year old boy that suffers from NF. We will leave Oceanside Ca on 6/20 at 5PM EDT and have 9 days to cover 3024 miles and be in Annapolis MD by 6/29 at 5PM. It will be an amazing journey and i hope you all will keep us in your thoughts and prayers. The racers and the crew will be updating this blog. you can also get twitter updates on your mobile phones to get text messages of our progress(ask a 14 yr old how to set up:)) We thank all of our friends for the tremendous support that have provided. All The Best, Alan Sterner- riding to find a cure and raise awareness for NF.

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  1. When do you guys begin the race? How is the weather going to be for you? We hope that it will be "cool" and "no rain"!!! Good Luck!
    - Francine Ambrosino