Thursday, June 18, 2009


Oceanside! wow, is this nice! We all arrived safely in Oceanside this morning. Registered, Pete learned some rules at the crew chief mtg then we lettered all the trucks, put the bikes back together and started talking trash with the other NF Endurance Teams. We have a NF Endurance Team Meeting tonight and then going out to dinner. I am so proud of the support team that we have assembled to guide Tony, Anthony, Rich and i across the 3024 miles. Gotta tell you as i looked looking out the window of the airplane last night i realized how WIDE the country is!!! All for now. Hope to post some pictures soon.

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  1. The country is wide, but your support is deep. Thank you and the entire team for undertaking this amazing journey for NF. When it is 100 degrees in the dessert, or raining Missouri, know that so that the best wishes and thanks from the entire NF community are with you every revolution of the pedals.