Sunday, June 21, 2009

update from alan

wow, this is quite an adventure! we spent the first 2 days in oceanside getting things ready. considering that none of us have ever done anything like this we all came together and were ready to roll by sat morning. The start was at the city pier in oceanside. Gabriella Reese the Olympic voleyball player was the MC. Her husband is the famous big surfer Laird Hamilton. Our team was jsut behind him at the start and we did the parade route with him and got a chance to talk with him. cool guy. we got in alot of the pics since the media was all over him.

the support of strangers has been really cool. we just stopped in at a campground to dump the motorhome tanks and a lady came up to us and told us to kick butt, unfortunately she jsut lost her 2 year old daughter a few months ago to NF2. we all have to stay focused on the WHY we are doing this. We are raising awareness and money to end NF and the terrible things it does to generations of families.

We are so proud of our NF hero Drew. I have a D on my upper thigh facing me to help me stay focused. Cant wait to see our Hero at the finish line next week.

We made it thru the desert last night and into Arizona this morning. i was riding down a road that never ended while the sun was rising in the east. it felt like i was on a stationary bike! the scenery is awesome but it really felt like it was not changing at all!

Today we did the worst of the climbing until we get to West Virginia. Rich, Tony C and Anthony all had epic days of climbing. Rich made the front web page of pretty cool.

we hope to get some pictures posted soon. off to sleep now, riding 10 hours overnight tonight.

all for now! take care, Alan

PS: you can track our progress on the above we

biste. go to the top bar "race coverage" and leaderboard and you can find drews crew.


  1. I'm completely amazed at the progress you've already made. AWESOME, I'll be checking this every so often, so put some stories in this it's a little dry. See any funky roadkill? Any close calls with cars? You know stuff like that. hahaha well gotta go, take it easy "big dog", oh by the way, checked with Lori / Matt we're all set for Sunday.

    Dave "hot dog" Foust

  2. oh by the way I was just kidding about the stories. I just reread what i wrote, came off insensitive, I realize WHY your doing it, I'm just SO COMPLETELY / and UTTERLY AMAZED by the whole PHYSICAL aspect of it all its............. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

    Keep it up, I'm rooting for you guys to win this thing.

    p.s. pictures would be cool tho.